'Tankar för Dagen'

('Thoughts Of the Day'), Ordfront Publishing House

Producer / director / graphic design Andreas Grant. Production ALEXANDER LITTLE 

Short films for the launch of the very popular Swedish poet/author, Bob Hansson's book: 'Thoughts for the day' at Ordfront publishing house. 

Bob is a poetic humanist in constant defense of the simple, ordinary and forgiving of man, with messages of how to handle stress, of being kind to yourself, etc. 

His 'Thoughts for the day' on P1 (our BBC Radio) are the most downloaded. Bob Hansson is one of Sweden's most famous stage poets (Dagens Nyheter wrote in a 2004 report on stage poetry that there is a scene before and another after Bob Hansson, which says it all.). 

Bob has won several awards and also belongs to the small group of poets whose books are constantly selling out and must be re-printed. In 1998 his debut collection Cheers to the World! came out, which received a brilliant reception. It was followed up with Lugna puckarnas Mosebok (2000) which also became an audience and critic success. There was talk of 'bob-isms' and praise for his linguistic ingenuity