ALICE is a black comedy, currently in post - production. Alice is an episodic film, framed by a police interrogation. The main character, ALICE, experiments wildly with her surroundings and those around her, and subsequently creates 'her own wonderland'. The film crosses class, age and gender divide, as the plot centers around a series of taboos. The message of ALICE is that off beyond the hypocrisy we're all more or less the same. But, ultimately, it is Alice who will have to play the part of resident scapegoat. The cast includes several, well known, Swedish actors, amongst them Johan Rabaeus, Thomas Hedengran and Hanna Ullerstam, and is shot entirely on location in Aspudden, south of Stockholm, Sweden. ALICE is written and directed by Andreas Grant, produced by ALEXANDER LITTLEā„¢ and is the production company's first feature length film production.