ALEXANDER LITTLE™ is run by ANDREAS GRANT, director with many years experience from film & TV production; in fiction, including an award winning short, documentaries, music videos, corporate film, in TV entertainment and infotainment as segment producer, editor-in-chief, and program developer.

An actors director as well as visually strong. Each assignment is unique but the goal is not only reaching, but going beyond client expectations.

Andreas Grant has worked as a director in London, Istanbul and Stockholm.


'Andreas seems to be such a rarity that gives everything in a project that brings all parts of himself into the work - except his own ego. The burning form of lack of prestige he has is a rare gift for us who have been in his presence. He looks like a hipster but is the opposite. Rather a mason who can't help but fall in love with every stone he puts on the next'

/Bob Hansson, author & poet

'In short, a very good director and great guy '

/Staffan Kihlbom-Thor, director & actor