Award-winning short. A man wakes up without memories as he starts to recall a cocktail party that went terribly wrong. English Speaking Thriller. Short. Produced by ALEXANDER LITTLE for Live Score Festival Stockholm 2018. Cast: Staffan Kihlbom Thor, Duncan Green, Vivianne Treschow & Marie Måwe. Written & directed by Andreas Grant. Musical score Michael Andersson. D.O.P. Fredrik Francke. Sound Simon Danielsson. Project Management/F.A.D. Kevin Kronow and Matilda Savér. M.U.A/Hair Elin Hultqvist, Signe Kumpula, Katrin Sundell & Stina Averheim.  Set design Anette Sallmander.


Winner Jury's Special Price Live Score Festival Stockholm 2018 for the film's original score by Michael Andersson